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TLC Pack language course

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Read the introduction then choose one of the 30 dialogues to work on.

Original course description: The TLC Pack language learning resources have been developed for levels A2 to B1/B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The project focuses on domain specific and practically relevant scenarios and vocabulary to equip each learner with easy to use and accessible resources, teaching language along with valuable intercultural knowledge and understanding, addressed to migrants.

This assumes a basic understanding and level of competence in the target language, though for those without the pre-requisite skills the L-Pack resource is available.

The freely available TLC Pack resources have been developed in six languages:

Although each national version has consistent content, ‘local’ needs and variations are reflected where appropriate.

Context for use

The TLC Pack resources can be used in various settings. For example at the workplace, in VET courses, in language courses specifically for caregivers, general language courses and in an informal setting where the learner is practicing self-learning.


Access resources now!